Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Bang Theory – Big Fan Here!

Somehow I’ve avoided watching the award winning CBS comedy show “Big Bang Theory” until about a month ago when my TIVO, always faithful in recording shows “it” knows I will like, recorded the original pilot episode of the series. I nearly deleted it but I was already out of new reruns of Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate, and Sanctuary, so I thought – why not?

I loved the show! It probably didn’t hurt that I started watching from the beginning to get the full impact of the strong set of characters, the lovely Penny, Howard, Raj, Leonard, and of course Sheldon.

Since then I’ve become a faithful fan, diligently enlisting my TIVO to record episodes across multiple channels including the new season.  It doesn’t really matter that I’m watching out of order. Now that I have a full understanding of the cast, and the incredibly humorous, scientific dialog including my field of astrophysics, I can safely say that each and every episode is a gem to be savored. I sometimes find myself watching some episodes twice just so I’ll be able to pick up more of the fast-paced dialog. How does Jim Parsons (the Sheldon character) memorize all that?

I’m grateful I finally discovered Big Bang Theory, and I highly recommend it to all here at the Science Lifestyle Blog.  

Knock, knock … Penny.
Knock, knock … Penny.
Knock, knock … Penny.


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