Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Nebula

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is an ode to a love gone lost – by Stephen Hunter-Hanlon. Have a wonderful day and be sure to think about the one your love.

When the stars came out tonight,

you were on my mind,

the planets I see and think of you,

I look closer and see your face.

I see Mercury and the brightness in your eyes,

I see Venus and your pure beauty,

I see Earth and see your life,

I see mars and see my life to come.

I see Jupiter and the storms our love can bring,

I see Saturn and the rings of life together,

I see Uranus and look into your past,

I see Neptune and the seas between us.

I see Pluto and that is my last discovery,

Then I see our Sun again and like you,

My universe is complete,

A thing of beauty life and pure love.

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