Friday, October 1, 2010

SLB – Winner of Design and Lifestyle Award
Awards 2010
I am pleased to report that the Science Lifestyle Blog received a “Best on the Net” award for combined design and lifestyle content. The Design and Lifestyle 2010 Web Excellency Awards selected websites in a variety of genres but the SLB was the only award winning site in the area of math and science. The selection process was described this way:

“ … after many hours of searching and reviewing, we’ve come across what we feel to be the best combined design and lifestyle blogs on the net. All of the subsequent winners in this category are both incredibly well designed and feature a strong narrative voice with a knack for creating truly engaging content. Anyone who visits them is sure to take away some form of inspiration …”
I realize that a blog devoted to covering topics in mathematics and science typically will not be on the top of most people’s list, so I’m even happier that we were chosen. Viva la science!

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