Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Math Dance

The college admissions process has certainly evolved since I was a participant. In addition to being hyper-competitive for the best schools, it also has gotten very creative. A case in point is the fact that some schools encourage prospective students to submit videos to supplement their written application. Even YouTube links are submitted. Take for example Amelia Downs, the creative young woman appearing in the inset video who combined mathematics and dance in her application to Tufts University near Boston. My favorite is the little sine and cosine jig. Here is the note she included with the video:

Hello Tufts Admission person!

This movie shows me performing my math dances! The dances shown are:
Volume of a solid of revolution (y-axis)
Line graph
Scatter plot
Box and whisker plot
Pie graph
Bar Graph
Sin and Cos graph

I hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. Cute idea for this girl, but the pressure to produce a creative movie as part of college admissions is just another way that this is getting way out of hand. my daughter is applying this year and the pressure is enormous. -a concerned mother.


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