Friday, October 30, 2009

The Space Exploration Debate

There has been much recent debate both by the general public and scientific establishment about priorities with the U.S. space program. Even the membership of the Planetary Society, an organization devoted to the exploration of space, is undecided in a recent article in the Planetary Report.

I thought it would be appropriate to open a similar debate here on the SLB. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR VOTE! Also, feel free to leave a comment with your perspective on the subject.

In your opinion, what should be the GLOBAL priority with respect to space exploration?
Manned missions to the moon.
Build a permanent moon base.
Manned mission to Mars.
Non-manned missions.
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  1. Daniel-I think I agree with astronaut buzz aldrin that a manned mission to mars should be our priority. The moon is done-that. Telescopes are good to. --Jack

  2. My friend told me about this site and I had to see it for myself. What a croc. science lifestyle? what kind of heathen life is that? A life without Christ is no life at all, and planning to go 'back' to the moon? A man has never been to the moon. That was a liberal hoax put on Americans. If God wanted man to go to space He we wouldn't need to breath air. You all better find Christ and quick.

  3. The future of human space exploration looks bleak. After making great leaps 50 years ago, stagnation has taken over. No human has left Earth orbit in 37 years, and NASA's current unambitious goals look to be further delayed or scaled back.


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