Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Are You Reading?

I ask that question of all my friends. I like to know what people are reading. One reason is to find out if I’m missing something, and another is just to see if people read. I’m always surprised that some people don’t, sad. I’m reading constantly and I love it.

Last week I was having dinner with my old college friend Tom. I asked him the question. He was reading three books, two were history books, one was about the history of the borders of U.S. states (imagine anyone writing about that!). The third one, Tom hadn’t figured out what it was about yet, but he’ll get back to me. I was disappointed there were no science titles in the mix, but at least he was reading.

He naturally asked me the question back. I thought, and I thought. I always have so many things I’m reading concurrently. I narrowed it down to “Introduction to Modern Astrophysics,” and “Pulsar Astronomy.” But in addition to that, I’m always reading Physics Today, Nature, Scientific American, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, and a multitude of individual research papers. As a treat, every few months I’ll start up a scientific fiction book.

So let’s take a poll. This will be the first of many polls we’ll take here on the Science Lifestyle blog. Make sure you get your vote in!

How often do you read something pertaining to science?
Once or twice a month if I'm lucky.
Once a week, maybe on the weekend or after work if I have time.
Several times a week, maybe during lunch, or before going to sleep.
Every day!

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